House of Blues Legacy Book Sale

  • House of Blues Tie Dye Hoody
    Item #: HOCM021
    From its heyday in the 60s, tie dye is still making a bold statement today. This rainbow-colored, hooded pullover has our purple metallic Heart Logo circled by Where the Heart Meets the Soul & Unity in Diversity slogans. Cotton/Poly blend. 100% Rad!
    • $48.00
  • House of Blues World Famous Zip Hoodie
    Item #: HOCM020
    Heather Navy zip hoodie with House of Blues logo on front, and an iconic crossed guitars print on back. Enjoy being cool and comfortable in this awesome hoodie.
    • $48.00
  • House of Blues Soul Wings Hoodie
    Item #: HOCM013
    Fabulous charcoal zip sweat with hood; includes the slogan "Where the Heart Meets the Soul" screened on front, and delicate angel wings on back with foil tips!
    • $44.00
  • Cream Poster Hoodie
    Item #: HOCM017
    100% cotton fleece with poster collage design printed on back, and partial poster design printed on front left side.
    • $48.00
    • $34.95
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