Toyo Hat Sale
  • House of Blues Original Cornbread Mix
    Item #: HOAM236
    This is the king of cornbread, guaranteed to fill your belly and warm your soul! 16 oz. of mix, for an 8X8 baking pan.
    • $7.00
  • House of Blues Blazin' Skulls Hot Sauce
    Item #: HOAM132
    If you like your food good and loud, turn up the volume with this WAY spicy sauce. Add a few exclamation marks to anything you dare put it on…but be warned: The addiction is spreading like wildfire!!
    • $6.00
  • House of Blues Bayou Heat Hot Sauce
    Item #: HOAM099
    House of Blues custom blend of cayenne peppers, vinegar and salt. 6 oz.
    • $6.00